garden design

Looking to smarten up your garden? Do you have ideas of how you want your garden to look but hate the thought of doing it yourself? Then call in the experts today.

We are specialists in landscaping gardens, making them unique by adding steps, edgework, brickwork and fencing, whatever the customer requests. Our aim is to enhance your home and the enjoyment you get from your garden.

Majestic Landscapes can transform your garden into the peaceful haven you are dreaming about.

We pride ourselves in carrying out all the work involved ourselves and not relying on subcontractors so you can rest assured that the job in hand will be finished on time and to a very professional standard.

Our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured which gives our customers peace of mind

artficial grass

Have you had enough of constantly mowing your grass from spring through to autumn? Fed up of weeds and moss? Want something maintenance free that looks realistic? Artificial Grass has come a long way over the last few years.

Artificial Grass and Astro Turf is becoming more popular these days for people with busy lives, hectic social schedules and generally too little time to be mowing lawns. With artificial turf, your garden doesn’t need to look like the fruit & veg stand at your local market. There are many, almost real, varieties to choose from these days.

As with all things, the better the quality and realism of the turf, generally the more expensive it is. However, think of all that time saved on maintaining the lawn. More time for relaxing and enjoying your garden. Fake grass doesn’t need to look fake. You can choose from different shades of green and the style of grass blade that feels most realistic and right for your needs.


If you own a house and have a garden, then the chances are, you have fencing. This is commonly made up of four or six feet square fence panels that are fixed to a mounted post. Many of these fences follow a very similar, quite traditional style with little variance. We supply and fit many of these fences for new and existing properties.

Fences however, need not be just a straightforward, brown or green panel, made up of the usual horizontal or vertical boards. There is so much more to fencing. The choice of wood types is many and varied, along with the choice of paint colours, wood stains and creosotes available. The style of the fence itself varies considerably too.

If you need a fence that fits in with existing fences or houses, we can support that very easily. If however, you want something a little more creative or unique then we can provide you with ideas and product examples that can help you find something perfect for you.

garden walls & paths

Majestic Landscapes can design and construct all types of garden walls and perimeter walls. Whether you are looking for high walls for privacy or dwarf walls to define areas within your garden, we can cover all project work. We build using traditional brick and block, through to dry stone walling and flagstone wall and mortar.

Like patios, walls enjoy a wide range of materials from which to construct the wall itself. It is quite possible to source bricks that match your house style, or very similar. Equally, traditional stones from your local area can be sourced such as slate, Yorkstone, Limestone, etc.

Typically, we would ask to visit your property in order to work out what style of wall and materials you might need. With our wealth of experience, we are happy to advise and help determine the perfect balance between cost, materials, wall size and time to complete.