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tarmac drives

Tarmac is a very popular surfacing option for sprucing up that tired drive. It combines hard stone with a bitumen compound that binds the stone creating a hard wearing impermeable surface.

The great thing about new tarmac driveways are that they give a lovely, uniformed, traditional finish. They also provide for a hard wearing, scuff resistant surface that requires very little maintenance to keep it looking smart. Tarmac is also resistant to puddling and surface water and hard weather frost and sun. Perfect for an all weather driveway.

There have been lots of advances in tarmac driveway products meaning you can now get various colours and stone types, enabling you to get the driveway look you want. When finished with nice, decorative edging, tarmac can give you a distinctive look to your home. There are also a number of alternatives to the bonding compounds used to tie the stone together.

We use SMA Prodrive Tarmac, which is the best on the market. 

Block paving

Block paving is our most popular driveway surface, and is ideal if you want to enlarge or replace an old driveway. Because it’s a very hard wearing surface, resistance to scuffing and puddles, we are able to provide a 10 year guarantee with your driveway. It comes in a wide range of styles and colours allowing you to create something that looks unique to your home.

There are a number of benefits using block paving for your driveway, it is great if you live in a modern home and you want a drive that compliments the character of your property. If you have an older property, having a cobblestone driveway may be a better option because of its aged appearance.

With so many different colour pavers available, we can create truly bespoke block paved driveway with or without decorative features and borders. We can show you pictures, provide some sample blocks for you to look at and provide a guide quotation so you have an idea of the cost involved. We have 100’s of happy customers across Stevenage

cobblestone driveways

Cobblestones are a beautiful product for driveway surfacing. Often associated with quaint villages and market towns, they very much suit character style properties or rural properties. That said, they can still look very at home in a city driveway depending on the style of the house itself.

Cobblestones are just that, stones and are therefore, extremely hard wearing and robust and therefore absolutely perfect for driveways. They are very resistant to marking, scuffing or damage generally. They are great in all weathers with no shrinkage or cracking. As with many surfacing products, cobblestones come in all sorts of shapes and sizes giving you lots of scope for designing the perfect drive. Cobblestone actually gets better with age.

The finish for cobblestones can be left untreated to give a traditional look, or they can be glazed to create a polished, glassy effect.

pattern imprinted concrete

One of the major benefits of imprinted concrete driveways is the ability to cover large areas quickly. The wide range of designs offer similarities to CBP, however the aesthetics can be inferior due to the use of patterned matts and in instances where they are not quite aligned it can look poor.

A common issue with PIC is that it is prone to cracking in areas. This can be a problem if the cracks become large and unsightly. Patch repair is possible, but in some cases it requires whole areas to be resurfaced and the likelihood that a repair will perfectly match the original installation is slim.

resin drives

Resin is fast becoming the surface of choice, because of its great appearance and very low maintenance qualities. It is also meets building regulations because it’s a permeable Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) surface that helps to reduce flooding and water quality.

Typically, when rain water runs off a traditional impermeable surface such as block paving, it can pick up nasty pollutants and oils which flows into drains and rivers. This has an impact of local wildlife and the fishing industry.

The great thing about new resin driveways is that they are available in a vast number of coloursthat which compliment your property. It is also the best anti-slip surface, so great for the elderly and homes that need to cater for disabled persons.

driveway restoration

Your driveway is the first thing that people will see when approaching your home or business, so regular maintenance can increase your property value and visual appeal of your property. Regular maintenance will also extend the life of your patio or driveway.

  • Resealing of damaged/corroded blocks
  • Re-sanding
  • Removal of algae, slime, oil and weeds
  • General repairs, maintenance and cleaning
  • Jet-washing
  • Drainage